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Is it OK to buy SoundCloud plays?
The answer is absolute! You can buy Soundcloud plays from us and be confident that the results are safe.

We Promise to give you the world’s top marketing services in an affordable package. Secure the Soundcloud plays you need to gain popularity and try our services 100% risk-free.

Do not worry about risking your account. We have your back.
What is the start time ?
Our goal is to start the process as soon as you make a buy. But this can take days to complete because we have real Soundcloud plays.

We never sell you fake services from fake accounts. We only offer genuine services.

Our focus is on pouring our resources and time into your account. Be confident that we will give you the plays you need as quickly as possible.
How does it work ?
We take pride in giving you the most secure services possible.

We only ask you to:

Provide a URL for your Soundcloud plays to be delivered.

No passwords for login.

Your sensitive information is completely safe and never requested by us. Your privacy is our number one priority. Rest assured.
Are all SoundCloud songs downloadable?
Potentially. However, we do not guarantee any set amount of engagement when you choose our services.

Because we use actual Soundcloud plays, it is up to those users to decide to engage with your content. But if you are interested in that service, we also offer other Soundcloud services to boost your account.

We use multiple different strategies to get your music noticed.

Our Soundcloud engagement services are also affordably priced. You can explore those on our other pages as well.

Get results quickly when you choose our services.
Is it safe to buy SoundCloud plays?
You can never get banned by purchasing Soundcloud plays from our services. Our users never get prohibited from using our services. Millions of people and companies use social media marketing services like Storm Likes to get more engagement on their Soundcloud accounts, so you are in excellent company when you buy Soundcloud plays.

We offer guaranteed results with our safe and practical approach to getting Soundcloud plays.

Still not convinced? Our experience is an ongoing testimony to the quality of our services and what we can do for you. Since starting our business, we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients, and we can help you. Avoid getting your account banned because you purchased a service from a company that offers risk-free results when you use StormLikes.
Can I get a free trial for Soundcloud Plays with you?
No, you cannot. We have meager packages and price points to fit virtually any marketing budget you have. Each of our services is affordably priced and gives you a chance to build your account without spending more than you want.
Is it possible to spread my plays around to other Soundcloud tracks?
We only allow one track URL per each Soundcloud Play order. Our packages start at some of the lowest price points, and it is easy to get started. You can purchase multiple orders to cover different tracks to get the level of plays you need.
Can I purchase multiple orders for the same track?
Yes! You can place as many orders as you want when using our services. We allow for thousands of plays with multiple packages available. However, we recommend avoiding placing numerous orders for the same track before we have completed each purchase. It helps prevent confusion and problems over your order.

Our goal is to make it as pain-free as possible to gain Soundcloud plays for your account. You have to place your order, and we will do the rest.

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At, we strive to provide outstanding service and competitive pricing. See what our satisfied customers have to say by reading our reviews.

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Working with Stormlikes has been a pleasure and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking to gain soundcloud plays.
- Ricky
Stormlikes is without a doubt the best service to buy soundcloud plays I have ever ordered from. Thanks for great job.
- Andrew
I am marketing strategist and I often use Stormlikes for my clients, I trust them. My last order was 1000 soundcloud plays.
- Jacob
For so long I struggled with creating a popular SoundCloud account and yesterday my friend sent me link to this website, I immediately bought soundcloud plays for test and they all were real, that is mind blowing!
- Bernard
I recommend Stormlikes for any business looking to seriously boost their social appearance instead of playing with various tactics and hoping they work. I gained my soundcloud plays a lot with them.
- Rocky
I just bought another 1000 real soundcloud plays for my new song. Their customer service is outstanding and they are very professional to work with.
- Ismail
Stormlikes has been an excellent company with excellent idea, I love them and what they offer. Usually I buy soundcloud plays from them and delivery is always fast.
- Virat
We're a small company with limited resources to devote to social media. Stormlikes does a great job taking it off our plate and make it much easier for us.
- Akshay
Wow, I am amazed how easy and fast to work with them. In several hours I have increased my soundcloud plays enormously, I am happy I found them.
- Rishu
Working with Stormlikes was a very great experience from start to finish. At no point did I feel I made a mistake or could have done better in choosing this company.
- Marshal
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