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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our pricing plans and how it works when you buy likes on YouTube with Stormlikes? Check our FAQs or contact one of our specialists.

why should i get likes on youtube videos?

More than a billion hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day and watched by over two billion people worldwide so if you want to get noticed in the crowd, you need lots of likes. With so much competition out there, most viral videos have a helping hand to break the ice.
When your content has lots of likes, your videos naturally attract more viewers, likes and subscribers, which will continually grow if you keep feeding them interesting content too. Real YouTube likes validate your social presence, the engagement attracts other views, it also helps you start to rank on YouTube - which basically works as a huge search engines - ensuring you appear on more people’s pages. This is why so many people ask how to get likes on YouTube, because it helps boost your organic growth too, so you can build a successful brand online.

why should i buy youtube likes from stormlikes?

Stormlikes gives you 100% real YouTube likes from authentic YouTube user accounts, making it totally safe to buy YouTube likes from us. We never send bots or fake accounts to like your videos so you won’t get banned by YouTube for buying fake likes.
When you want to get likes on YouTube videos, rest assured we only send quality viewers to your channel that will genuinely like your content, helping drive engagement and attract more organic traffic to your channel. Your data is safe with us, too. We follow strict privacy practices to protect your personal data and will never share your order details or personal information with anyone else. All of your details are kept anonymous and you’ll never have to hand over your passwords.

how quickly will i receive my likes?

When you buy likes for YouTube with Stormlikes, you’ll start receiving them as soon as you purchase your package. You may receive them all almost immediately, or they may appear gradually over a very short period. So you’ll start noticing a difference to your account right away. If you have any questions about how to buy likes on YouTube, our customer service team is available to help you.

can i buy likes for any videos?

Yes! You can get real YouTube likes for any video you want to promote. Just add the video’s URL when buying your likes and watch your video gain popularity as we deliver real YouTube likes to your chosen video. All our likes are from 100% authentic YouTube accounts that will help to boost your channel organically.

will i also receive dislikes?

Absolutely not. Don’t worry, we know that you want to get likes on YouTube to help you grow your brand. That’s why we ensure all the real users that we offer will only deliver likes to your chosen videos. We want to help you boost your channel and won’t provide you with dislikes, bots, or fake accounts which would all be a detriment to your channel.

is it safe to buy youtube likes?

It is completely safe to get likes on YouTube from Stormlikes. We help boost your brand image with a high number of real YouTube likes on your videos. This will help attract new visitors to your profile. All of our likes are from 100% real YouTube users, so there is no harm in purchasing them through our platform. We comply with YouTube’s terms of service which allow users to purchase subscribers, likes, and views from real YouTube accounts So you never need to worry about your account being banned.

is my payment secure?

Yes! We make it safe and secure to get likes on YouTube videos. Your payment will be processed securely and safely on our platform. We never share your personal information with anyone else.

how do i get real youtube likes for my videos?

When you buy YouTube likes with Stormlikes, you will always get 10% real likes from real accounts. It’s what makes us the best place to buy likes on YouTube. We are here to help you grow your presence online, and we make it easy by offering packages of likes. So you can simply choose the package that works best for you, the video where you want the likes delivered and then you never hove to worry about how to get likes on YouTube again.

will people know i’ve bought youtube likes?

No! We keep your personal information anonymous so no one will know that you’ve bought likes. YouTube doesn’t list who’s liked your content and because all of our likes come from real accounts, no one will know that you’ve bought them.

will the accounts that like my video subscribe to my channel?

We can’t guarantee that the accounts will interact further with your videos or subscribe to your channel. However, when you buy YouTube likes, you’ll make your content more appealing to other users, attracting organic traffic to your account. Make sure you create high-quality, engaging videos to increase the chance of more views and users subscribing to your channel. And if you want help buying YouTube subscribers, we offer separate packages for that too.

will i lose likes after i purchase them?

No! When you get real YouTube likes from Stormlikes, they will remain there forever. There is no expiration date on your likes and they won’t all disappear one day. They are all from genuine YouTube users, not from bots or fake accounts, so there’s no risk of them vanishing.

will i get banned from youtube for buying likes?

No! YouTube’s terms of service say that YouTube users can buy likes, subscribers, and views for marketing purposes, as long as they come from real accounts. We guarantee that all of our likes come from 100% real YouTube accounts, so when you get likes on YouTube from Stormlikes, there is no risk of you being banned from buying our likes.

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