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How to buy likes on Instagram - Ultimate Guide

Instagram is more than just the second largest social media platform in the U.S. With one billion-plus monthly active users from around the globe, Instagram has become one of the most potent marketing and brand-building tools in the world. Whether a business or an individual.

Instagram can take your brand from nothing to a global phenomenon almost overnight.

Achieving success is not relatively as easy as it sounds, in any case.

Instagram is its universe with its terminology and culture.

It even has its currency in the form of Instagram likes.

Below, we will help guide you through the world of Instagram, showing how you or your company can become an authentic Instagram influencer and reap the many Instagram likes benefits.

We will go through how Instagram likes work and how to get them.

We will discuss the history of the platform and the influencers on it. There will also be helpful tips on how to market on Instagram, get followers, spend your money on Instagram, and who to work with to get the best results.

Here is everything you need to know about Instagram.

Users need to understand that one of the first and most important parts of Instagram is "likes." These are a big part of the platform and a key to using them to build your brand. A little further down, we'll answer the question Can you buy Instagram followers and likes?

However, before we learn that, let's first find out how Instagram likes work.

What are Instagram likes?

The simplest way to explain Instagram likes is when someone clicks on the heart button underneath your post, indicating that they saw the post and liked it. When you look deeper, you will find more to likes than just a click of a button.

How Instagram likes work

Beyond the base level of clicking on the heart icon, likes represent engagement. They mean that people are not just scrolling by your post. It is one of the ways that Instagram knows that your post is popular and tells its system (the algorithm) that it should show the post to more users.

In early 2019, Instagram started experimenting with not showing posts like count publically in certain countries. Over the years, Instagram expanded this practice, and now it is how the platform works in most places.

You can still see the likes on your post but not on others. According to the Instagram help page, this is still considered a test. So you can see the like count at times on mutual friends' pages, but for the most part, they are gone.

The idea behind this change is that it's healthier for users. They're less likely to get discouraged or embarrassed because other users can't see if their post is getting likes or not. They're also less likely to become competitive with other accounts. Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen. We know that even with this change, likes are still crucial.

Do Instagram likes still matter?

Likes are essential for a few reasons. They show engagement – how much people interact with your content – and allow you to test and evaluate the success of your posts. The biggest reason they are necessary, though, is the algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm is the formula that Instagram uses to determine what posts users see at or towards the top of their feed. Until 2016, your feed would go in reverse chronological order to see the most recent posts.

After the change in 2016, the platform began using an algorithm that determined what posts you would see when you logged on.

Several factors go into the algorithm, but engagement is one of the most important. The company's accounts have shared information saying that engagement such as likes and comments for Instagram posts and views and reshares contribute to posts being seen more.

The simplest way to explain the benefit of Instagram likes is that a post with no likes will not be shown to nearly as many followers like a post with many likes.

Companies or individuals who want to build their brand through this social media platform need their content to show up in as many followers' feeds as possible, making likes very important for brand building.

How can you buy Instagram likes?

One of the best ways to get real likes on Instagram is to create timely, engaging, organic content that users like, reshare, and comment on. The problem is that you need to get more Instagram followers, build and test more content, and spend lots of time on the platform. And sometimes, even when you do all this, your content isn't guaranteed to get real likes on Instagram.

Luckily, there's no need to waste much time coming up with content that isn't guaranteed to gain likes on Instagram. You can also buy Instagram likes from reputable companies like Stormlikes that provide real likes to businesses and creators. You can buy hundreds or even thousands of real likes for a small fee. That will boost your content in a big way and help you get more Instagram followers, get more likes and comments for Instagram, and help create a loyal, engaged group of followers that will ultimately make you money.

The creation of Instagram

In the late 2000s, San Francisco-based software developer Kevin Systrom created the mobile check-in app called Burbn. The app allowed users to check-in at local establishments, make plans for future check-ins, earn points, share photos, Etc. There were two problems with the app, however. One is that it was too complicated, and two, it was way too similar to Foursquare, an app that launched and caught on before Burbn.

In 2010, Systrom partnered with another programmer, Mike Krieger, and the two analyzed their app. They saw that while most of the app was unsuccessful, the photo-sharing aspect was something people loved. They decided to pivot in that direction and create a new app based on this successful feature.

They took the concepts of an INSTAnt camera and a telegram and released Instagram to the world on October 12, 2010. Facebook acquisition and growth.

In less than two years, the popularity of Instagram would explode. From the first posts – a picture of a harbor from Krieger and a post of Systrom's dog – to April of 2012, the app gained over 30 million users.

That included one million followers who signed up a single day after Instagram launched its Android app. The app's popularity caught the attention of social media giant Facebook, which bought the company in 2012 for $1 billion.

Instagram was kept as a separate entity from its new parent company and has been run independently. The company has tweaked and updated its apps, browser layouts, and interfaces over the years. While some have been praised and others panned, the skyrocketing growth has not stopped. The platform grew from 30 million users at the time of acquisition to over 115 million less than a year later, 300 million by the end of 2014, 500 million by 2016, and topped one billion in 2018.

Instagram today

Now in 2020, the stats on Instagram are incredible. Today, there are around 1.08 billion monthly active users on the platform. That includes over 100 million in the U.S. alone. Over a third of all adults in the U.S. are on the platform. More than 50% of worldwide users are under the age of 35, and, in the U.S., that number is over 70%. These numbers are gold for marketers and influencers and are why the platform is so lucrative for many.

Influencers and Instagram

One of the essential concepts in the world of Instagram is the idea of influencers.

Influencers are accounts that get more followers on Instagram than others and use those followers to earn money. Here is what you need to know about Instagram influencers.

How Instagram influencers came to be

Having followers on social media was around well before Instagram even existed. As a photo-based medium, Instagram allowed users to show things off visually more than any other platform.

That caught the eye of the fashion world before any other industry.

Fashion brands quickly realized that when Instagram users with a big following posted a picture of themselves in their clothing, it would give them a boost in sales.

That led to fashion brands trying to convince, and ultimately paying, Instagram users with lots of followers to post pictures of themselves wearing these brands. Most experts agree that the first big "influencer" on the platform to turn posting on Instagram into a business was a reality star, Kim Kardashian.

As more fashion brands flocked to Instagram influencers to get featured, other types of brands started to take notice. Today, there are influencers in all different categories, and many brands work with them. Some of the most popular companies with influencers include beauty and cosmetics, food and beverage, travel, home design, sports and fitness, and lifestyle brands.

What Instagram influencers do

Some Instagram influencers take pictures of themselves using a company's products, which also goes beyond that. To become an influencer, these users must build up a following on Instagram and create their brand before they can help other brands. They do this by being authentic and establishing credibility with their audience. As they get likes on Instagram and engage more with their followers, companies become interested in what they can do to promote brands.

How to become an Instagram influencer

The easiest way to get Instagram followers is to be consistent, engage post content, use the right hashtags, and engage with like-minded people on the platform. Doing this will allow you to get more Instagram followers, likes and comments for the posts you create. Also, especially when you are starting and want to get your posts seen by more people with the help of the algorithm, you can buy Instagram likes and even buy real Instagram followers to get your account off the ground.

How many Instagram followers do you need to be an influencer?

"Instagram Influencer" is not a job title that Instagram or any company officially gives you. Because of this, the exact number of followers needed to become an influencer varies. There are different types of influencers based on how many followers they have:

Celebrity or mega influencers

The general rule of thumb is that anyone with 500,000 or more followers is a mega influencer. These are well-known celebrities and Instagram superstars.

Macro influencers

Influencers with 50,000 followers and up are generally considered macro-influencers. While these users are all lumped into the same general category, an influencer with 200,000 followers will be able to make a lot more money per post than one with 70,000.

Micro and nano influencers

People with between 1,000 and 50,000 followers are considered micro-influencer. Users with even smaller followings can sometimes make money from their accounts as nano influencers, but even these accounts need at least 200 followers.

How business works for Instagram influencers

Being an Instagram Influencer is like owning your own small business. You are responsible for all aspects of the company, from sales to marketing to accounting. If every time you say, "Follow me on Instagram!" you increase Instagram followers on your account, you probably have the marketing piece down and are well on your way to influencer status.

The sales part of this business may be a bit more complicated. Companies may reach out to you if you have many followers, especially in a specific niche. However, especially in the beginning, you will probably have to reach out to companies you think might benefit from access to your particular followers' ads. You'll be experimenting with what to post on Instagram to get likes.

It is up to you to pitch the brand and negotiate your fee. While the most prominent celebrities can get $1 million or more per post, when you are a micro-influencer, you'll probably receive anything from free products from the company up to $1,000 per post if you are on the higher-end follower count. Companies often give you a personalized link or code to offer your followers so you can earn a commission on what they buy.

Instagram for marketing

If you have a business that offers some product or service and want to market that business instead of becoming an influencer for other companies, Instagram is also a fantastic place. Here is what you need to know about using Instagram for business marketing purposes.

What is social proof?

The key to Instagram marketing is social proof. It is a term you will hear a lot about marketing on this platform. The rules are from the 1984 book Influence by psychologist Robert Cialdini.

It describes the phenomenon of people modeling their behavior after other people's behavior. If people see others - especially others they trust, respect, or look up to - doing something, they are more likely to do it themselves.

When these people or companies market a product to others and model social proof, their followers have more potential to buy that product or service.

Social proof is also why, circling back, you want to get likes on Instagram or get more Instagram followers. It conveys more social proof about your brand to your target audience. It is another reason why it makes sense to buy real followers for Instagram likes. The Instagram likes benefits are numerous, showing the world your popularity and potential brands with which you can engage your followers.

Who are the most prominent Instagram influencers?

As you can see, many different types of influencers on Instagram exist. You can break the groups into two categories; celebrity influencers and standard Instagram Influencers.

Celebrity Influencers

The biggest influencers on Instagram are celebrities. They get more views on Instagram because they are famous for other things. These influencers have hundreds of millions of followers and are paid handsomely for influencer posts. Several celebrities have gained the top spot of most Instagram followers over the years. Here is what the top five look like in 2020.
  1. 1. Cristiano Ronaldo – @cristiano – soccer player ~ 235 million followers
  2. 2. Ariana Grande - @arianagrande – pop star ~ 197 million followers
  3. 3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – @therock – actor/ wrestler ~ 193 million followers
  4. 4. Kylie Jenner – @kyliejenner – reality star ~ 189 million followers
  5. 5. Selena Gomez - @selenagomez – singer/ actor ~ 186 million followers

Standard Instagram influencers

That is the larger group of influencers and includes Instagram influencers who get more followers than anyone else on their own, without the aid of being an athlete, an actor, or having a reality show. Here are five of the top Instagram influencers, in different categories, for 2020.
  1. 1. Huda Kattan – @hudabeauty – beauty ~ 46.8 million followers
  2. 2. Michelle Lewin – @michelle_lewin – fitness ~ 13.6 million followers
  3. 3. Chiara Ferragni – @chiaraferragni – fashion ~ 20.7 million followers
  4. 4. Marian Ezzedine – @cookinwithmima – food ~ 2.2 million followers
  5. 5. Jay Alvarez – @jayalvarez – travel ~ 6.3 million followers
Many successful influencers are generally interested and do not fit into one specific niche. Many of these people are stars on other internet platforms such as YouTube and Vibe. Influencers like Jake and Logan Paul, Cameron Dallas, and Zach King fit into this category. If you are wondering, "how do I get more likes on Instagram?" These are good accounts to use for inspiration.

How do brands advertise on Instagram?

There are several different ways to advertise on Instagram . There is organic advertising, paid organic advertising, and paid to promote. Here is the difference between the three styles.


Organic advertising is simply using your Instagram account to share a business promotion. These can be graphics, videos, ordeals you are using as part of a full-fledged campaign or something more subtle and Instagram-specific. That is because it costs no money and can result in significant returns. The downside is that social media users are savvy nowadays and know when they are being advertised. You can turn people off and lose followers if you do it poorly or too often.

Paid organic is what it sounds like – organic-feeling ads you pay for. Most of what falls into this category are Instagram influencer advertising. This is where you pay (with money or free products) a micro, macro, or mega influencer to post about your product, as overtly or subtly as you like. The upside is that it is less invasive than traditional advertising posts and provides social proof. The negatives are that it can be expensive (it costs around $1 million per post from a Kardashian/Jenner, even the ones with fewer followers), and if you partner with the wrong influencer, it can provide little benefit or even be detrimental to your brand.

This is buying an ad the old-fashioned way. You pay Instagram, and they put your ad (with a note that says "sponsored") in front of a specific, targeted demographic. Instagram offers several different styles of advertisements that your company can choose from. These include:

● Stories Ads: Ads that appear in the ever-popular Instagram Stories style and disappear after a particular time.

● Photo Ads – Create a simple ad with a bold, eye-catching photo.

● Video Ads – Like a traditional commercial or viral video, these ads are known to get the most engagement.

● Carousel Ads – A series of multiple pictures users can scroll through and interact with.

● Collection Ads – This collage of products you offer is stoppable, so people can click on the pictures and go to your e-commerce site.

On the plus side, these ads are transparent, you have many choices, and you get guaranteed reach to a targeted audience. But, they can cost a lot and users sometimes ignore them.

Return on investment (ROI)

No matter how you market or advertise your business on Instagram, there is some cost involved because it is a great way to get more Instagram followers and put your brand in front of people. Whether it is the very tangible cost of dollars spent or the more indirect cost of time spent creating content, there is always a cost.

To determine whether your marketing on Instagram is worth the time and money, you need to track and calculate your ROI.

Calculating the ROI of your Instagram marketing is simple, but it is not always easy. The general idea is to take what you spent and what revenue was returned and come up with a ratio. Since you're dealing with time and creative power on one end, and it can be hard to attribute exact revenue numbers to the marketing, accurately calculating ROI can be challenging.

If you are diligently tracking spending and time and assigning value to things like an increase in followers or likes and comments on Instagram, you should be able to come up with a good idea of that ratio. A 5:1 ratio in most marketing (making $5 in sales for every $1 spent) is considered good, while 10:1 is considered exceptional. You have hit a marketing home run any more significant than that!

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