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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a different question about how Stormlikes works or the pricing plans available? Get in touch with one of our specialists.
How do I benefit from purchasing automatic Instagram likes?
Once you buy them, you will definitely enjoy endless benefits. One of the best benefits is that automatic Instagram likes boost your account fast since the whole process is quick. In addition, instant likes delivery sees your account getting boosted through the explore page and the hashtags.
How many uploads can one make in a month?
The best thing with automatic Instagram likes is that one can upload up to 120 posts in a month. This is due to the specially designed affordable packages that will see you saving a lot of money and time that you could have otherwise spent if you had decided to do it manually. In fact, the most interesting thing is that even the videos you upload will also receive instant likes.
Will my account be at risk?
Stormlikes carries out all its promotions carefully enough not to violate Instagram's terms of use. This means that you are entitled to a lot of benefits rather than risks if you choose to use Stormlikes promotions.
Is my password needed?
No, Stormlikes doesn't need your password and they will never ask for it at any time in the marketing of your account. You only need to set your account to public during its promotion process.
Why choose Stormlikes?
Stormlikes is the leading Instagrams marketer, especially those related to marketing. The marketing process is simple, for you only need to sign up and then we will take up the account. We then select the audience that best fits your account. We choose the audience which is closely related to your content. In fact, this is what makes Stormlikes the best Instagram marketer, since our competitors cant choose the audience the way we do. In addition, you end up saving a lot of time and money that you could have otherwise wasted marketing your account manually. Do you want to engage the best Instagram marketer? Just sign up and subscribe to Stormlikes today and you will enjoy the best experience ever on Instagram.

Instagram Autolikes and how to buy Instagram Likes

In our daily lives, we use machines and robots to carry out many of the repetitive and dull tasks that we do not want or don’t have time to do ourselves. The Instagram autoliker is no different. Instead of spending hours every day searching through Instagram for useful posts to like and engage with, an autoliker can use your custom parameters and like photos for you. How do you buy likes on Instagram? You just need to get in touch with us here at Stormlikes.

Depending on the package and the level of service you pay for, autoliking tools can help make your posts more attractive and boost the ‘social proof’ of your posting. They also take away much of the physical and time burden of keeping up with your community and engaging with multiple accounts daily. The automated regularity of engagement will also help you get real likes on Instagram too.

They work by using a single use log-in token to your account (it’s safe to use and the software can only ‘like’ posts and search your friend list, nothing more) and then likes as many posts as it can during the specified duration. Those you interact with are likely to check out your profile, and if you have shared interests, they will follow you too. You can buy real Instagram likes and safely develop your brand at the same time.

Exposure and what it means for brands

There are some important words when it comes to Instagram advertising and understanding how it can impact your brand. ‘Exposure’ is one of the most important metrics to understand and one of the most challenging to get a handle on.

Exposure is generally taken to mean the number of viewers that Instagram will show your post to. This also includes where your post will appear in the feeds of your followers and whether your post will be included in specific hashtag stories or other places. Exposure is how people are introduced to new brands, and how they discover things about brands they already follow. Even if plenty of your new followers on Instagram unfollow all the time, the brand exposure will still be very useful.

These posts allow potential customers or collaborators to see your brand, begin to understand what you do, and start to understand what your unique offer is. The greater the level of exposure that you can achieve for your brand, the more potential customers you can contact. If you can get more views on Instagram, it can kickstart your business or brand.

Optimizing for exposure and followers

When you are looking to develop your brand’s Instagram account, or just want to increase the popularity of your personal account, exposure is essential. Here’s a few tips to help increase the exposure of your posts and stories.

Hashtags – The right number of cleverly chosen hashtags can mean many more people see your story or post. Avoid using the most competitive or popular hashtags and instead choose ones that are somewhat trending and very relevant to your brand or account. When you think about where to get Instagram followers, hashtags will help others find you in the explore feature.

Interactive content - Using stickers, polls and questions all lead to more interaction between your account and your followers, as well as greater exposure to the wider community. Switch it up between photo and video and don’t let one style get stale or boring. If you’re wondering what to post on Instagram to get likes, just remember variety is the best approach.

IGTV – With video content up to 60 minutes, IGTV is a great way to include longer and more detailed video for your account, showing off your hard work in a way that you can’t in a short form 24-hour story. Although IGTV is used from a separate application (like Facebook and Facebook Messenger), it’s connected and linked to your account.

Community – By sharing content produced by others, you add to the community, develop your relationships, and provide more content for your followers. It can be tough to find enough content for seven to 10 posts per week, but by reposting and crediting others, you not only have more content, but can tap into their audience and style too.

Storytelling – By posting one longer story or experience in several short bite-sized posts or stories, you can hook your viewers and make them come back for more. These stories often connect from one to the other, creating a sense of time and routine, bringing the audience into your life in a more tangible way.

Sponsor posts – When you pay to sponsor one of your posts or stories, many more people will be exposed to it, and your brand can get a lot more views and publicity than a normal post would get. These can be specific to hashtags, locations and countries, making this a very direct and powerful marketing tool.

Insights – You can use insights to understand which of your posts are more popular, when is the best time to post your content and who is engaging. Once you know this information, you can start to post at the very best times, with the very best content. You can even buy Instagram likes to boost specific posts that are posted at key times.

Crossposting – Instagram is a powerful tool, but not as powerful as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and Pinterest all combined. By crossposting and directing your followers to your other social media channels, you can maximize the number of views and likes your posts will garner. Instagram might have a billion users, but there are 4.57 billion internet users out there, waiting for you to grab their attention.

The trends you need to know

Instagram is a constantly developing product, and its designers are on a mission to continually develop and adapt the platform to changing needs. It’s very important to not see social media platforms as static concepts, but rather as evolving creatures that require careful attention to stay on top of.

Stories – hese short and sharp videos are a fantastic way to show behind the scenes shots, update your followers during an important event or to get people excited about upcoming activities. There’s no limit to how many stories you can post in a day, and with polls, stickers, hashtags and questions, there’s also no limit to the creativity you can show here.

Relevance to industry – As Instagram becomes more and more competitive, it’s more valuable to use specific marketing strategies. You should aim to use hashtags, geotags and content that is concentrated on your industry, location and time. The more specific and relevant you can make your posts to your intended audience the better.

Authenticity – The days of carefully photoshopped models are beginning to fade, and many Instagram users are now looking for reality and authenticity instead of mere glamour and jazz. Make sure your posts include the human element of life, from embarrassing post-office incidents to charity work and relaxation shots too. You and your Instagram page don’t need to be perfect, and perfection is not the hot commodity it used to be.

Influencer marketing – While not new, the power of influencer marketing is not going away soon either. Smaller level influencers with higher engagement rates are becoming the most popular influencer marketing tools now. Their ability to directly engage thousands of their followers who trust them can be invaluable to your brand. They often are locally based and can target a specific group of people.

Instagram shopping – This new feature allows creative producers to show off their products, create catalogs and sell their wares through their Instagram profile. Combine this with your favorite influencer recommending products and you’ll have much of what you need, all on one platform.

Vertical video – While in the past vertical video was a sign of amateur videography or something a bit odd, more and more content is being recorded vertically now. Most of our screens on laptops, televisions and tablets are used in landscape orientation, but with the dominance of mobile content in the market, vertical is quickly taking over. The new IGTV feature is purely vertical video, and more platforms are heading this way.

Instagram Live – Providing a direct connection between you and your followers and audience, live videos remove any editing, filters or trickery, and show you in your true form. Your audience will love the honest and natural approach. Live videos are also ideal for Q&A sessions, prize giveaways and interviews with collaborators and experts.

Curated content – More accounts are featuring the work of other Instagrammers, allowing communities to build, connections to be made, and content to be shared. It’s great for the original creator (as long as they are credited) and also gives the poster a chance to up their content production and increase their exposure. One of the advantages Facebook has over Instagram is the ability to share posts, and by curating the work of others and posting it on your page, you can bring some of this capability across.

Which Instagram feature should you use?

There’s Stories, feed posts, IGTV, poll stickers and analytical feedback. All the options can be confusing, so here’s a simple breakdown of the types of posts you can use on Instagram and what they are best suited for.

Feed posts – This is perhaps the most basic option and will appear on your homepage permanently (or until you delete it). Many brands and accounts use their homepage as a type of representative portfolio, showing the core of their work and brand. For important events, significant breakthroughs and core content, the feed is the best place. These are often the best posts to buy real Instagram likes for and have the biggest impact.

Story – The Instagram story option is one of the fastest growing in popularity, and certainly will have a big effect on 2020 and the coming years. These 24-hour stories are temporary, fun and high impact, and are often used in a more casual way. Whereas feed posts are carefully curated, edited and planned, stories are usually more laid back and spontaneous. If something funny happens to you as you travel to meet a client, your Story section is the best place to share this. These stories can also push viewers to new posts and help you get likes on Instagram.

Image vs video – Images are great for showing detail, catching attention and bringing a focused perspective to your posts. Videos provide more information, more energy and more life, and are great for showing the personality and hard work of your brand. There is sometimes a large difference in likes and comments for Instagram depending on whether you use video or images.

Behind the scenes – Often posted in the ‘Story’ section, the behind-the-scenes/daily life element of these images and videos mean that your customers can truly get to know what your business or account is about. While feed posts are often inspiring and high quality, behind-the-scenes posts are fantastic for showing your followers the real you.

Competition – Posts including questions, polls and especially competitions are always very popular. The competition element allows people to engage with your brand, creates a sense of urgency and shows that your brand wants to be part of the community.

The growth of automated Instagram tools like autolikers

Like any automation tool, autolikers and Instagram bots were created to make people’s lives easier. Instead of spending hours in front of a screen clicking and liking, you can use a bot to carry out these repetitive tasks and increase Instagram followers for you. The best social media automation businesses do not put client accounts at risk with fake followers or spam, but instead simply carry out the work of a person automatically. There are also more legitimate ways to buy Instagram followers instantly, using a Stormlikes follower package.

These types of automation tools remove the feeling of pressure and constant usage that can sometimes come from increased social media use. Instead of always having to come up with a great post on the spot once you remember you should have already posted today, you can automate the process. Once a week you can sit down for an hour and load all the posts into a program like Buffer or Hootsuite. These systems post for you automatically, at your chosen time, on your selected (multiple) social media platforms. These systems can also be used to re-post older but still useful content as well as ensuring you never get behind or miss a posting window.

Social media automation tools allow smaller brands and accounts to compete by removing some of the physical workload. These tools can help to clean your Instagram and unfollow all the people who don’t follow you. They also remove the workload and get you more Instagram followers. Most importantly, they allow smaller businesses to maintain a strong brand presence while concentrating on the task at hand – building a business.

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