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Instagram is now one of the most active social media platforms with millions of users every day. For this reason, it is important to start getting organic growth on the platform. The only way to do that is through an excellent Instagram profile and with a careful post scheduling. By doing these things, you will get plenty of followers who will bring you even more traffic.
Right now, you can take advantage of a new tool that enables you to check your progress. The new Instagram Follower Count brings revolution to the way that you monitored your followers. Below, you will find everything you need to know about it.

Why you Need Realtime Instagram Follower Count

When it comes to Instagram, it is the truth that you need to have a big number of followers. In fact, both influencers and companies rely on the number of followers to close deals. Moreover, the amount of likes and comments that each post is getting is equally important for the growth of an account. For this reason, is it essential that you know the stats of your account at any given moment. With an Instagram Follower Count, you can inform the companies that approach you of your numbers. The results you are getting from our tool are all in real-time, giving you the most accurate stats.

The Benefits for Using an Instagram Follower Count Tool

Instagram Follower Count is a tool that everyone can benefit from. In more detail, whether you have a business or a personal account, you will enjoy all of the following advantages.

For a Business and an Influencer
If you a business account, whether as an influencer or a brand, you already understand the importance of keeping track of your Instagram followers. The Instagram Follower Count is a must-have for you, because:
• Customers will Choose a Business with a Large Following: No matter your industry, you are bound to have plenty of competitors. When a user wants to purchase something, he will look at the company with the most followers. This is why you need to grow your account more than your competition.
• Your Brand Appears as more Trust-worthy: Another thing that a large following tells your potential customers is that you are trust-worthy. If you have a lot of followers, it indicates that you offer great services or advice.
• Followers will often Bring even more Followers: Once you start getting followers, you will notice that even more users will visit your profile. This happens because the engagement with your profile boosts your presence on Instagram.
• Business Deals will Become Easier: As we’ve already mentioned, companies and other influencers value a large following. So, if you have gathered a lot of users, you can close profitable deals.

For a Personal Account
Even if you own a personal account, you can still benefit from an Instagram Follower Count tool. In more details, the Instagram Follower Count will help you because:
• A profile with many Followers is Attractive: When you are first meeting other users on Instagram, they will take a look at your profile. If you don’t have a decent number of followers, you will fail to make a good first impression.
• You can Showcase your Passion and your Creativity: Your Instagram account is the place for your personal expression. By getting many followers, you can show off your talents and share your creativity with other people.
• You can Start Building a Following and Become an Influencer: Even if you are currently not working as an influencer, you can still hope of doing so. With the right amount of following, you will notice brands interested in your content.

What Benefits you will Get from our Instagram Follower Count

Our Instagram Follower Count is designed to be user-friendly and offers you the best results. We understand that the number of your Instagram followers is important, and that’s why we created a tool that is simple and free. Don’t hesitate to use it multiple times to monitor your progress on the platform.

Realtime Results
With our Instagram Follower Count, you can be sure that you will get realtime results. Especially accounts that have surpassed the mark of 10,000 followers, often come across with various bugs and errors. Furthermore, Instagram doesn’t update the stats of profiles with a lot of followers. This way, you cannot trust the number you see on the application. Our Instagram Follower Count though brings you your stats at the moment you have requested them.

Free-to-Use Services
Another great advantage of our Instagram Follower Count is that you can use it for free. In addition to this, there is no limit of times per day that you can check the followers in your account. Since you can monitor your Instagram’s growth completely out of charge, you can make great progress.

Accurate Stats
One of the most important things for us is your satisfaction and trust. For this reason, we have taken extra measures to ensure that our Instagram Follower Count is the most accurate one on the market. Often, you will find that your Instagram followers are rising and falling without a reason. With our tool, you can check where your numbers stand in a matter of seconds.

How does it Work?

The process of using the Instagram Follower Count tool is very simple and intuitive. To use it, follow the steps you will find below:
Step 1: On the search bar, type your @username of your Instagram account.
Step 2: Click on the “Check” button that you see under the search bar.
Step 3: The realtime number of followers and posts will appear on your screen.

What you Need to Provide to the Instagram Follower Count

The only thing that you need to provide to our Instagram Follower Count is your account’s username. We will never ask for your Instagram password or email address.

Can you Check the Follower Count of Other Accounts?

Of course, you can use our Instagram Followers Count to check the numbers of other accounts, like your competitors. Instead of typing your username, you will have to type the username of the account you need to monitor.

Our Instagram Follower Count is your quick and easy solution to counting your followers on the popular application. Enjoy our free tool and grow your profile!