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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Instagram Followers

The global community has slowly migrated onto several massive marketplaces, where goods, services such as (Buy Instagram Followers), visual appeal, and popularity are bought and sold constantly. The modern social media revolution means that businesses, brands and influencer personalities can touch the lives of anyone and everyone, right from the screen of their cellphone.

At its modest inception in 2010, no one could have predicted the raw social and community force that Instagram could become. It went from being a holiday-snap sharing site to a global marketing platform. Instagram is now one of the most influential forces in our lives today. We're here to help you and your business understand how it all works, the value of a thriving Instagram account and how to grow and develop your account. If you need to know how to increase followers on Instagram, you can find that out here and much more.

The most popular social media platforms develop and evolve their algorithms and methods every year. Our goal is to help bud, and growing businesses and brands discover new opportunities on social media as they arise. Instagram offers a constant feed of branding, marketing, lifestyle and health content. Every post and story is another chance to show your customers and followers just who you are.

Marketing yourself or your business on Instagram is all about standing out. Every social media platform is awash with part-time accounts and half-hearted efforts without real commitment or any sense of the process. In an environment where you are competing with people worldwide, finding your unique way to engage with your audience is vital. Bringing in more followers means a larger audience who will see your posts, more people to interact with and more potential customers. Our social media automation tools also allow you to forget the constant engagement and interaction pressure, putting your time back in your hands.

Whether you are just starting a personal niche account or need to grow a business account to engage your customer base rapidly, Stormlikes brings you the knowledge and tools to be truly successful on the most powerful social platform.

High-quality and credible Instagram followers

Every time someone sees one of your posts and decides that your content is valuable, fun or looks great, they can follow you. All your posts will appear in their news feed, and your stories will appear at the top of their page.

If you're looking to engage with real people, show them what you're about and keep them coming back for more, you'll need to post relevant content every day.

When you respond to your followers who ask you questions or comments, display your expertise or creativity in every post and stick to a consistent schedule, you can get great results from Instagram.

Brands are always keen about working with influencers and accounts that can genuinely connect with their customers and audience.

Having more followers means that more people see your content, and you'll get more engagement.

You or your brand can use these interactions to win their loyalty and business.

Whether you are working with a personal or business account, you will not be taken seriously with only a few followers, and people won't trust your expertise.

Not everyone who follows you will be a customer or your biggest fan, but you are in a great position with an actual audience who loves your content.

If you need to know where to Buy 100 Instagram Followers, Stormlikes has some great packages to help boost your account.

Followers come organically from people who see your content and want to know more. You'll gather followers from those you follow who follow you back (if they think you have shared interests) and the hashtags and other features you use in your posts.

You can show your work and effort to many more people using paid advertising and sponsored posts.

You can buy Followers from third-party businesses that connect active users with the proper accounts to follow and enjoy. Through both organic and paid growth, you can build a community around your passion, art or brand and bring real value into the lives of your followers.

If you can always get value from your followers, you will likely see a growing account, growing influence and a great platform to drive your business or brand forward.

Are all followers the same?

While having thousands of Instagram followers is everyone's first goal, it's not necessarily the most critical metric. If your account has 20,000 followers and each post only gets 200 likes, anyone seeing your account knows that only 1% of your audience is engaged with your efforts.

High-quality followers love your content, like and comment when you post and begin part of your specific community.

Having a higher engagement rate with your audience shows that people value you and your content and that you have a voice that many people will hear. It's not just about having a Voice but also having a community that listens, and that's where the real value builds and how Instagram likes work. Your audience plus engagement equals a thriving community.

Having more followers doesn't just help create a community; it also helps when you look to continue growing. If you only have 10 followers, it can be hard to convince people that you're worth following, no matter the quality of your content.

As you gain more and more followers, people seeing your account will think, "Well, many people seem to think this account is great", and be much more likely to follow your account.

Once you have proven your worth on the platform, building a larger and larger community gets easier.

It's known as 'social proof' and helps show other people that you are genuine and worth following. People like to eat in restaurants with packed tables instead of the empty place next door, and it's no different on Instagram.

Social proof isn't something you have to wait to appear, as you can arrange your posts to maximize their social proof using a few simple methods and improve how you get real likes on Instagram.

Expertise: By using recognized experts, you can bring legitimacy to your account, and collaborations with trusted influencers or experts in any subject can help to encourage trust and engagement.

Mentions: By mentioning others and accepting the mentions of others, you show that you are interested in the community and those around you, not just the development of your fame and fortune.

Milestones: Inclusively celebrate the milestones of your account, and let your followers join in. They make up your community. You are making the success of your account as much a celebration for them as for you is a great way to build a real sense of human connection.

Curate content: It's not just about how great your content is but also the content of those in the community around you. By sharing your followers and friends' exciting, fun, or essential content, you can show that it's not just about you. It's also a fantastic way to find more fresh and original content at a lower cost to you or your business.

Should I buy followers, and how do you buy likes on Instagram?

Can you buy Instagram followers? Social media accounts with paid followers were hard to hide in the past, as fake bots and spam messages were noticed quickly. With services like Stormlikes, real accounts will follow you, and their engagement and interest will be genuine.

High-quality profiles will follow you over a set period, ensuring that your account won't get banned or flagged and your hard work won't waste.

When you buy real followers for your account, you will see increased engagement on each post, growing your audience and making your posts visible to more people. As you receive more visits, views and attention, you can build marketing strategies around this audience and get your business or account off the ground.

Bought followers bring the added advantage that you can choose where they come from, their interests and demographics, and what types of accounts they follow.

You can get exactly the audience you need to create a thriving Instagram community. Buy 1000 Instagram followers and see the response to your account's success.

It's important to note that buying followers can be a double-edged sword if not done carefully. Low quality social media automation brands often populate their client accounts with fake followers and bots, leading to bans and security issues.

The Stormlikes service comes with a safety guarantee that your account will never be at risk. Our quality followers are legitimate and won't set off any alarm bells. We work with the Instagram algorithm to ensure our clients can enjoy our services safely.

How do I get more likes on Instagram?

With over one billion active users every month, and 500 million stories posted every day, a lot is happening on Instagram. On average, European users spent 75 minutes on social media every day in 2019, meaning if you want to catch their attention, then Instagram is one of the very best places to do it.

The strongest brands on Instagram know that personality, a unique approach and an original voice can lead to a wave of customer exposure, engagement and brand awareness. On top of these excellent marketing objectives, many businesses also experience increased conversion, traffic and sales with a flourishing Instagram page.

Businesses can use Instagram to engage a vast potential audience, utilizing some of the most exciting moments within their company.

From showing the personality behind the boardroom to creative marketing campaigns and simple industry updates, there are endless ways for business accounts to connect with their customers. Instagram and social media also provide your customers, supporters and followers with the chance to interact with you and your brand.

Advertising is not a one-way street anymore. With customers also taking part in posting and discussing your brand and the industry, building good customer relationships has never been more critical.

The most successful business accounts use a combination of marketing and engagement to balance creating a fun and active account while selling their products.

When it comes to the question, "How do I get more likes on Instagram?"

The key is developing a trusted relationship with followers. Then businesses can build their reputation for expertise and understanding with a human touch.

An engaged audience

When posting and curating your account, it's all about credibility and engagement. The content published on your personal or brand account must be relevant to your followers and genuine. Most social media users are so used to seeing advertising and sales content that it gets very quickly overlooked. Brands should look to create unique and individual content that shows their personality and products.

Fake, extremely salesy and re-posted content is a great way to drive your audience into the arms of your competitors. If your brand uses Instagram to advertise products, you are missing a massive amount of value from the platform. Connecting to how Instagram likes work, there is much helpful activity behind the like count. When you can engage, ask questions, get answers and create discussion, you will see the real power of marketing on Instagram.

Many brands look to build a community first, and then once they are active and engaged, they begin to introduce these people to their products and services in a natural way.

How to create exciting content?

Creating posts tailored to higher engagement is the key to developing your personal or professional account. A few different factors will make the difference in how many likes and comments and how much attention your posts receive.

The first key point is consistency, with one or two posts every day. Different social media platforms have peak times to work with (Instagram is best between 10:00 and 15:00 during the weekday, for example), but consistent posting will help to build your audience. Once people begin to see multiple posts from you or your brand, they can recognize and engage with you.

Another essential aspect is to create a voice, look or theme that remains similar over time. Many brands spend time creating content that closely matches their messaging and visual elements—matching color schemes across posts and using the same type of language and tone all help create a consistent brand message.

It isn't about getting the most followers. Instead, personal and professional accounts should seek to build an audience that knows you, trusts your expertise and is keen to learn more.

Too much social media marketing is about growth and expansion and not enough about connection and understanding. If you want to grow your account for yourself or a business purpose, the first hurdle is engaging and connecting with the right people.

Influencers and influencer marketing

The massive growth of Instagram has meant many opportunities for those with a developed and engaged audience. From free products, collaborations with artists, and paid trips to longer-term business relationships and marketing services, influencers on Instagram are the new kings. They know how to market, engage, and ultimately get more Instagram followers.

When people build credibility and a large audience (typically concentrated around a single theme, topic or hobby – travel, makeup, sports, photography), they can use this audience to monetize their popularity and respect. Michael Jordan used his popularity to sell $70 million of Nike Air shoes in 1984, and modern Instagram influencers do just the same (except they focus on more niche and specific markets). In 2015, the rise of large audiences in the hands of private users meant that the world of celebrity endorsements opened up to anyone with more than a few thousand Instagram followers.

In 2021, whether you have 3,000 or 30,000 followers, there are ways to leverage this audience for good and gain. At the lowest levels, nano influencers use their 1,000 to 10,000 followers to discuss, enjoy and promote particular topics.

Accounts between 10,000 and 100,000 followers are considered micro-influencers and often can provide high value to a business at a relatively low cost. Beyond 100,000 followers, the Profile moves into the macro-influencer phase and can begin to command higher and higher prices for marketing activity, with similar increases in engagement, likes, and comments.

Influencer marketing works by using the trust and following built by an influencer to put your product or service in front of their audience. Most influencers will only work with brands that fit their message to ensure that their audience doesn't feel alienated or confused. A health and lifestyle influencer is unlikely to promote products in the tobacco, alcohol or fast food industries. In the same way, a motorsport influencer is just as unlikely to recommend their followers read that newly released meditation book.

Who are influencers, and how do you work with them?

There are many great examples of influencers and their work from every possible niche, interest, or passion. There are giants in the influencer industry, like Huda Katten. Her 46.8 million followers are treated to beauty tips, advice, fun ideas, products, and reviews. Huda's message is powerful with a casual style and a warm and friendly voice. Let's put it into perspective; the long-awaited final Game of Thrones episode gained 19 million viewers, but she can reach more than twice as many people. Her posts often receive around 150-200,000 likes, and her videos often break the million-view mark.

Inspiration and self-improvement are a massive part of the platform, and the fitness and health industry taps directly into that. Michelle Lewin has concentrated her love of fitness and health to build a following of nearly 14 million people. Her most recent post gained 851,000 views in less than three days, and her most popular videos regularly come close to three million views.

There's plenty of support on Instagram for comedy and laughter too. Influencer Zach King makes the most of the growing 'casual content' industry, hooking in 23.5 million followers. Accessible to like and easy to watch, King's mostly video content is a great way to relax and enjoy good-natured fun. His adventures with his family and his businesses make for excellent watching, and six to 10 million people agree every time he posts.

Most influencers achieve popularity through several years of consistent, high quality and engaging posts. They usually stick to one theme or topic, and many go even further, using a specific colour scheme or catchphrase throughout. If you're wondering how to increase followers on Instagram and you want to grow your influencer profile in a particular niche, then it makes sense to adapt your Profile to that niche as much as possible. Influencers often provide a combination of professional content that looks great and plenty of backstage content that allows their followers to know more about their real lives and what they get up to.

On a platform like Instagram, influencers can make money by promoting products, selling merchandise and services, and connecting people to products through affiliate schemes or exchange/barter arrangements. Regarding how much money influencer accounts can make, it's very much dependent on the account's size, quality, and niche.

Example A
Account size – 5,000 followers
Niche – Travel
Story income - $20-30 per post
Feed post income – $100-200 per post

Example B
Account size – 20,000 followers
Niche – Lifestyle
Story income - $80/120 per post
Feed post income – $200/300 per post

Example C
Account size – 100,0000 followers
Niche – Clothing
Story income - $300 per story
Feed post income – $700 per post

Engagement rate also plays a considerable part in these calculations, and the higher your engagement rate (anything between 0.8% and 5% is regular), the more money you can make per post and the more likely you are to be approached by businesses. An account like the Account C example above looks very successful, but if only 1000 people like a post, a company can see that only 1% of that audience is engaging.

If the Example B account (with 20,000 followers) receives 1000 likes, 5% of the audience is engaged, which may be a more trusted and liked account (although not more popular). High follower numbers are only helpful if they engage, like, comment, and participate in the online community.

A standard calculation discussed in influencer marketing is roughly $10.00 per 1,000 followers for an account with around 100,000 followers. However, in a competitive market becoming more and more saturated, people should expect incomes lower than these ideal figures.

There are also changes in earnings based on which niche your brand or account sits. The beauty, fashion and health/fitness industries tend to be on the higher end, with casual content, lifestyle and food being harder to monetize. Travel is a niche that, whilst once very profitable and accessible, has become saturated and very tough to compete with.

Paid advertising on Instagram

Like any other media, organic search results and influencers are not the only way for brands and accounts to connect with their audience. Instagram provides the option to 'sponsor' posts and significantly increase the number of people who see that post.

Used on both posts and stories, the benefits of paid Instagram posts are twofold: 1. You can increase the audience and relevance of your posts (with targeted demographic sharing)

2. You can also include call-to-action buttons that can help to increase conversions, web traffic, sales or any other goal.

All you need to do is identify your target market's age, location, and interests and let Instagram do the rest for you.

The two essential expressions to know are CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression). Recent surveys from AdEspresso estimated that the average price every time someone clicked on a sponsored post was between $0.70 and $0.80, depending on when, where, what market and other factors. If you know you have a $700 Instagram advertising budget, you should expect to be able to bring 1000 people to your site or page with each advert.

Developing a higher return on investment also depends on the landing page from the advert being high quality, relevant and engaging.

Brands must work on creating pages that increase conversion, as it's not enough to attract potential customers to your page. Once they are there, you need content and design that excite and motivate people.

Many influencers use several different social media channels to bring people in from various sources. That way, website, blog or social channel traffic can be maximized, and a varied and mixed audience can be created.

When it comes to comparing paid advertising to organic posts, it's a case of cost against efficiency. Posting organic stories and images to your Instagram account is free and doesn't take much time, but your audience size defines you.

On the other hand, Paid adverts can be expensive and must be monitored, but they can reach many more people and provide a great return on investment in the right circumstances.

It's also possible to 'boost' organic posts, which combines the natural look of an organic post with a smaller (but still beneficial) increase in the visibility of your posts. This can be particularly useful as you can boost posts after uploading them, meaning you could only extend the posts that are doing exceptionally well (or boost posts doing unusually poorly).

Important: Testing is beneficial when it comes to paid social media advertising. You can learn when to post, what types of posts work best, and whom to target using your analytics data. As you develop your audience and brand voice, your ads can become more and more effective and targeted.

You can also use a method known as A/B Testing or Split Testing by creating two similar posts with a critical differentiation (posting time, number of hashtags, geotags used or not) and then comparing the two. If one option does better, then it's likely to be the right direction to go in. Like scientific experimentation, this type of Testing offers data to understand the aspects of your posts that work best instead of relying on secondhand information or guesswork.

Working with professional agencies

Professional marketing agencies specializing in social media and automation can provide a real advantage. Your business or personal social media account is probably only a tiny part of your business or life, and for many people, maintaining and growing a social media account is too much work.

Keeping track of changes in the underlying algorithms of the social platforms is a crucial part of their work. Knowing what to notice and how to tap into it is a top priority.

Agencies use their expertise, experience and deep understanding to maximize results and boost audience growth, offering the easiest way to get Instagram followers for your account. Agencies can also answer questions like "Can you buy likes on Instagram?" An agency specialized in social media will also understand the best way to get the most from your budget and how to use every dollar to increase Instagram followers.

They will be busy maximizing your efficiency in advertising spending while you continue to build your core business. It can be complicated to understand the advertising and sponsored posts sections, and it's worth hiring a social media agency to get great results. If you need to know where to Buy 100 Instagram Followers and where to get Instagram followers, then we can help.

Stormlikes provide all the knowledge, advice and technical ability to help you grow your personal or brand social media account. You can buy real followers, set up auto-like software and make your life easier.

Please find out how we can help you develop the audience you need and get likes on Instagram safely and consistently.

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