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Frequently Asked Questions

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is it legal to buy facebook likes?

Buying Facebook likes and followers is legal, but it's important to ensure they are genuine for the algorithm to recognise the engagement.

how to get 1k likes on facebook?

To get 1k likes on real Facebook page, start with strong social marketing fundamentals, know what your audience wants to see, stay up-to-date with trends, pin a popular post, work with influencers, cross-promote, and run ads.

can you really buy facebook likes?

You can legally buy real Facebook likes and followers, but buying fake ones can cause your page to be flagged by the Facebook algorithm and lose the bought likes. If you want to increase your social signals, it is best to invest in organic content that will attract genuine likes, rather than risk buying fake ones.

what types of facebook likes are available for purchase?

There are a variety of Facebook likes that can be purchased, such as post, page, and facebook photo likes, comment, album, website and profile likes.

what are the benefits of purchasing facebook likes?

Purchasing Facebook likes can increase visibility, engagement, and credibility, allowing businesses to reach a wider audience and potentially grow their revenue.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

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At, we strive to provide outstanding service and competitive pricing. See what our satisfied customers have to say by reading our reviews.

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I have literally searched through tons of sites and I am quite happy I got here. I was able to purchase a few page likes yesterday and I have gotten them, they came at once I am not sure if that was a better option or I should have opted for them to be gradually delivered. I think gradual for me next time. Moving on to another project now.
- W. Tezz
While I won’t classify myself as a professional in things like this. I been using social viral for a while now and I have been able to make some good cash cows with them for myself and for my clients, so I can say as far as reputability goes, they are good.
- Wayne Burns
Your services are really easy to use, not spammy and cost efficient, I got everything I paid for, great job guys.
- Bob. K
I hope these likes continue to be as helpful as this and the services don’t change; it’s been more effective than other methods I have used to grow my account, would be back for more.
- Tomy
I am not sure how but I don’t think they are bots, and they don’t look spammy either, doing things the old fashioned and it was time consuming so this is just a helping hand so my fingers are crossed.
- Big B
Don’t know how long these guys have been around but as far as I can tell, the likes are genuine from real accounts, that is for the few I checked. That is good enough for me and I recommend them.
- Doyle Waxer
My boss asked me to get some Facebook likes and we were not sure if it was going to be just bots or real but since he prescribed this site I had to use and I guess he was right after all. Doesn’t seem to be spam at all.
- Charles Stan
- Adam Fitch
Since my other SM handler decided they did not care anymore I moved to storm, so far everything seems to be going fine, followed their directions and got all my likes delivered on time.
A friend recommended another site to me which I regretfully ended up using, so now I am kind of cleaning up the mess they caused by using this storm likes services, all transactions completed, not on the high side, money back guarantee intact so good deal if you ask me.
- Kenneth
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