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Buy Instagram Followers & Likes Delivered in Minutes

Many services exist to provide Instagram Followers, Likes, Views from ghost accounts generated simply to do so. Here at stormlikes, we pride ourselves in providing our customers only with Followers, likes, Views from genuine and select Instagram accounts under real people.
Don’t believe us? Click on our services below and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!
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Choose the Instagram likes, followers or views package that you are interested in.
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02. Fill the info
We will never ask you for sensitive details such as your password. All you have to do is provide us with your Instagram
03. See the growth
All orders start within a few minutes, so you'll see growth in your Instagram account very quickly. We've made the process super easy.

How it works?

Choose a service
Make a selection from our followers, likes, views and comment services.
Enter your details
Enter your profile details or select a post while placing your order.
Grow your Instagram
Once your payment has been completed we'll get started right away.
Here's what our customers say
Sara-Jade Bevis
From Stormlikes I buy TikTok likes from active users. You couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.
Tyson Smith
Amazing service. Got results almost immediately right after I purchased a package. Recommended by Daily Iowan.
Keith Irvine
I cannot stress enough how happy I am with the service that I received. Thanks to all of you, my Instagram account is surging with activity! You’ve not only earned yourself a loyal customer, but a friend for life.
Cody Rhodes
I was expecting a lot less but ended up being pleasantly surprised. Keep up the great work, guys!
Alexis Kauffman
Great value for money and an easy five-star rating from me!
Vadim Taylor
I just checked the stormlikes review, and it was great feedbacks from their buyers
Zaynah Wilkins
It's easy to buy followers by country from stormlikes, which is very good to increase your profile visibility
Trinity Lees
I just searched to buy Instagram likes app to find, for the high-quality followers and likes for my Instagram profile account. I am impressed with the superb services I have got and would recommend this website to all my friends those who want to increase their growth on Instagram
Mildred Clarke
Loved It! The Instagram service was Amazing.
Brandon Roberts
I ordered 100 likes, but they provided me an extra 50 Instagram likes, 100% free Thanks!
Elaine Spence
They offer free 50 Instagram likes for all the small packages and extra followers with 100% no fee, and they offer up to 60% discount, which is great for me
Gina Samson
I found a lot of sites selling fake services and using the Instagram liker system to provide lousy quality fans for their buyers, but claimed that all the services are real.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
Why would I buy Instagram Followers?
The more followers you have, the greater your reach and influence on social media, and if you are promoting a product or service, that is the most important thing. Growing your audience is a real challenge when you start, and this is where buying followers comes in.

You get an instant increase in your follower numbers, which means your brand reaches more people, leading to faster organic growth. That growth leads to increased numbers of likes, which plays into the Instagram algorithms to get your page placed on the explore page, leading to increased, targeted traffic and more followers.

In short, buying Instagram followers means you don't start your social media journey from anything; instead, you get a boost to get you going. Why struggle in that early phase when the team here at can kick-start your Instagram success quickly?

The choice is straightforward, a long struggle to build a following from nothing or buying followers and getting your brand on the explore page.

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Why should I choose for Instagram followers?
We are a customer-focused company that puts one thing above all else, customer satisfaction.

That means that we provide the best professional service for every client. Whether you are ordering Instagram followers, likes or high-quality views, you can be sure you get the best outcome with

From the quality of the service itself to the purchase and support experience, we work hard to deliver everything you need and ensure that you get the results you desire.

We understand that your time is valuable, so you will start seeing them if you order followers from us in just a few minutes. With other companies, it can take days for even the first followers to appear, and that means days without that extra reach, days where your business could be soaring but instead are stuck waiting for lift-off. Not with, though; we get you going quickly.

Quality matters; not all followers are created equal, and we guarantee that followers are all high-quality, and with thousands of satisfied customers, the results of that commitment to quality speak for themselves.

After you have ordered and paid for your follower package, your Instagram page is entered into our system until your purchased number of followers is reached.

We offer full customer support, and in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the outcome, we are there to find a way to remedy the situation.
How long does it take to deliver the order?
Once you decide to kick-start your Instagram account and buy followers, you want to start immediately. Delays cost you money by delaying putting your brand out there.

Unlike others, who can take days to get started, our system is designed to work for you, with followers appearing in as little as 10 minutes.

Order your followers and make sure that your account is public, and we can do the rest.
On Instagram, brand awareness is crucial.
Instagram is a convenient tool for your brand today, encouraging you to reach beyond your current audience and put your brand in front of many potential customers who may never have heard of you before.

Because social media is now a part of people's lives, you reach them where they spend time and are more likely to embrace your brand.

The simple fact is that people are more likely to respond positively to a helpful Instagram post than they are an advert, they will remember your brand, and that raised awareness is central to the effectiveness of Instagram and other social media; it's marketing without the hard sell, and it's incredibly effective.
What are the risks? Could I be banned from Instagram?
There are no risks, and with our state-of-the-art processes, you will never be banned from Instagram. As with every aspect of our service, we take your security seriously; we have created a unique and innovative approach to follower acquisition that means your account is never at risk of being banned through inactive followers.

Everything we do is constantly updated to maintain compliance with Instagram policy as it changes, and with thousands of pages under our belts and not one being banned, you can have confidence in everything we do and enjoy the results.
Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?
If you follow someone on Instagram, you click follow. That is how our system works; we don't do anything to your account; we get you followers; in that same way, they follow you by clicking follow; it's that simple

You may see apps that claim to get you more followers, and they often require access to your account, meaning you give them your password and other login details. We recommend you avoid those entirely, as this is a method that Instagram can detect and often results in a frozen or banned Instagram account.
How long will my followers last?
We only supply high-quality followers who obey Instagram guidelines so that you won't lose them. We encourage our followers to maintain a following for as long as possible and also monitor your account for a few weeks to ensure you maintain the target number of followers required.
What is a high-quality follower?
Quality is perhaps an essential attribute for any follower, large numbers may impress, but if those followers are not active, it is pointless. When we say that followers are high-quality, they behave in a realistic, natural manner and remain followers for an extended period.

There are many claims made about followers by our competitors, claims that often fail to deliver, but as an honest company, will say that we offer high-quality followers at great prices, and we deliver quickly with excellent support and customer service.
How can I pay for my followers?
To keep things simple and ensure your security, we use Apple Pay, Crypto Currencies and Credit Card for all our payments. In our experience, it is the safest option for online payments; we don't store your details or receive any card information; we can get on gaining your followers as soon as you order.
Are you ready to get started then?
With instant ordering and fast response, you could be gaining new followers in as little as 10 minutes from now, so what are you waiting for? Kick-start your Instagram account today, and you are on your way to becoming an Instagram star.

We have everything you need to build your Instagram following with our robust, easy-to-use and competitively priced packages, exceptional support, and friendly customer service team.

Whether you need just a few followers or thousands, our fast delivery and unmatched support will get the results you are looking for.

Order your followers today and begin your Instagram journey.
Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?
The concept that buying followers is prohibited is a complete fantasy. Although buying followers does violate the Instagram rules and terms of service, becoming banned can easily be avoided by purchasing high-quality followers from a Decent seller.
How much is it to buy followers on Instagram?
Buying Instagram followers is insanely simple and has come to be comparatively affordable. In 2011, Forbes reported you could get 1,000 followers for $13. Instantly, there are multiple sites, such as Stormlikes, Where You Can get as many as 10,000 followers for quite less than $125
Have a different question about how works or the pricing plans available? Get in touch with us
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